Environmental Test Chambers

Supporting Safe & Reliable Products

People count on your products to be safe and reliable.  CSZ environmental chambers can aid reliability testing by subjecting products to real-world climate and wear extremes like temperature, humidity, altitude, vibration, and more.  We have been assisting manufacturing organizations with their environmental test chamber needs since 1940.

We offer a full range of standard and custom-designed environmental chambers providing solutions to meet demanding environmental testing requirements. Our customers also rely on our testing chambers to perform each and every day—and they rely on our team to do just the same. Between quality product design and the industry’s most reliable customer support, we deliver value and performance, both built to last.


Why Choose Us?

1Over 80 years of experience providing environmental testing solutions to meet your needs & exceed your expectations.

2Committed to customer satisfaction from design to production to after sales support.

3Delivers highest quality and broadest line of environmental test chambers to give you a one stop testing solution.

  • Temperature / Humidity
  • Stability
  • Walk-in / Drive-In
  • Thermal Shock
  • Altitude
  • Vibration Test
  • Industrial Freezers

Temperature Test ChamberTemperature and Humidity Chambers

We offer a full selection of temperature test chambers and humidity chambers to suit any type of environmental testing need. These climate test chambers are available in a variety of sizes for basic temperature cycling to accelerated stress testing. (Learn More)

Stability Test ChamberStability Chambers

Used for testing and storing products in specific temperature and/or humidity conditions, these chambers are commonly used for R&D, clinical trials, ongoing stability storage/testing and more. CSZ stability chambers are also ideal for shelf life, steady-state and ICH-Q1A stability testing. (Learn More)

Walk In Climatic ChamberWalk-In / Drive-In Chambers

CSZ Walk-In Test Chambers are available in a variety of different models to meet virtually any size requirement and test application. Every chamber can be tailored to meet custom requirements and specifications. (Learn More)

Thermal Shock Test ChambersThermal Shock Chambers

Chamber design transfers product between two extreme temperature-controlled zones resulting in rapid product temperature changes that can quickly uncover product defects. (Learn More)

Altitude Climate ChamberAltitude Chambers

CSZ Altitude test chambers utilize the combination of temperature and altitude to test components from an assortment of industries. These chambers are capable of controlling the temperature environment with various altitude conditions. (Learn More)

Vibration Test ChamberVibration Test Chambers

Combining temperature and/or humidity, these chambers are designed to interface with vertical and horizontal electrodynamic or mechanical vibration systems. Models may be custom designed to meet unique test requirements. (Learn More)

Halt Hass ChamberHALT & HASS Chambers

HALT/HASS chambers, typically used during the product design and manufacturing cycles to identify weaknesses, are capable of providing extreme temperature and vibration rates. These chambers may be used to shorten time to market; increase product reliability and decrease warranty costs. (Learn More)

Industrial FreezersIndustrial Freezers

Designed with heavy-duty construction, CSZ industrial freezers are built for ultra-low temperature operation and to last for years. These freezers are primarily used for age-hardening, stress relieving, expansion assembly, dimensional stabilization, epoxy storage, industrial cooling, heat treating and production chilling applications. (Learn More)

Exclusive Tundra® System

Our Patented refrigeration system design offers more performance and saves operating costs. Ideal for testing at -40°C and -50°C.

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Battery Testing Chambers

We offer extensive experience providing battery test chambers for safe cell, module and pack testing.

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Touch Screen Controller

Superior control system with swipe technology and features like remote control, data logging, graphs, security,  multiple languages and more.

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Industrial Ovens

Our Industrial ovens are ideal for heating, drying, curing, batch processing applications and more.

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HALT HASS Chambers

Using temperature and vibration extremes during design and manufacturing stages help identify design and process weaknesses.

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Stability Chambers

Use CSZ stability test chambers to test, validate or store your products in a variety of climatic conditions.

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