Vaccine Freezer Rooms and Cold Storage

As the need for vaccines rise worldwide, we can help by providing a variety of cold storage solutions. We offer ultra-low vaccine freezers for bulk storage needs required of vaccine manufacturers. These are available from +2-8°C, -20°C, -40°C or -70°C. Freezer rooms may be configured to meet your needs. These freezer rooms address cold storage concerns of reliably storing material at consistently low temperatures, saving floor space, operating and maintenance costs with full redundancy to protect valuable product.

These vaccine storage freezers solutions are ideal for vaccine manufacturers, regional distribution centers and biorepositories.

Single Freezer Rooms
Available in 2-8°C or -20°C for bulk storage at refrigerated temperatures or ultra-cold temperatures for the short-term or long-term storage needs of various vaccines.

Multiple Freezer Compartments
Freezer compartments are controlled by one refrigeration system with back up redundancy.

BioStore® Freezer Rooms
Multi-environment freezer rooms are designed to replace multiple freezers with one room offering flexibility to meet of bulk cold storage environments of vaccine manufacturers.

Freezer rooms offer flexibility to meet your needs of various cold storage environments.

  • +2-8°C Refrigerated Environment
  • -20°C Freezer Storage
  • Multiple Freezer Compartments (20, 30+) -40°C to -70°C and colder


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Vaccine Freezer Bulk Storage Comparison

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