BioStore® Freezer Rooms

Consistent & Reliable Ultra Low Cold Storage

Ideal for large capacity storage to replace upright freezers with a single unit.

As the need for vaccines and pharmaceuticals rise worldwide, CSZ BioStore® ultra-cold freezer rooms offer an ideal solution for customers with bulk cold storage needs. These freezer rooms address cold storage concerns of reliably storing material at consistently low temperatures. Ideal for the storage of vaccines, pharmaceutical, genetic material (DNA), donor tissues, and allografts for surgical transplantation. The BioStore freezer rooms contain individual freezer compartments with temperatures from -75°C up to -40°C (-103°F to -40°F). The compartments are cooled by external and redundant conditioning units to protect critical samples also offering less maintenance and energy savings as opposed to multiple individual freezers. These freezer rooms are comprised of an entry room of 2-8°C and -20°C storage room with multiple freezer compartments (10, 20 or more). This is ideal for large capacity storage to replace multiple upright freezers and cold chambers with a single room.

These rooms include the CSZ EZT-570 Touch Screen Controller which offers a 7” (18 cm) or optional 10” (25 cm) touch screen and the latest in test chamber programming for ease of use. Comes standard with data logging, data file access via memory stick or PC, Ethernet control and monitoring, alarm notification via email or phone text message, data file backup, full system security and more.

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Benefits of Cold Storage Rooms
  • Includes guarantee of continuous operation to protect your valuable samples and materials
  • Reduces the amount of floor space required for equivalent individual freezers
  • Saves operating costs by dissipating less condenser heat into the room, saving on your building’s cooling system
  • Reduces maintenance costs by only maintaining a single system instead of multiple individual freezers
  • Minimizes frost accumulation

Freezer Room Features
  • Hallways may be stainless steel or painted white aluminum with white suspended ceilings
  • Fluorescent or incandescent lighting depending on temperature conditions
  • Compartments are stainless steel interior and contain custom configurable stainless steel product shelving
  • Dryer provides a positive pressure to minimize moisture infiltration
  • Back up systems are available to protect your product in the event of power failure, mechanical system failures or for maintenance purposes
  • Redundant refrigeration and liquid nitrogen backup system
  • Optional audible and visual alarms are included in the event doors are left open or if the compartment warms up above the specified temperature, protecting your product
  • Each freezer may also be individually controlled for cleaning

These freezer rooms are customized and sized to meet your specific application and needs.

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