Pharmaceutical Testing and Cold Storage

Because customers count on your products every day to be safe & reliable, we supply a full range of test chambers, stability and cold storage chambers to help you test & validate your products so you can deliver it to the people who need it most. These chambers and freezers are used in the pharmaceutical industry to test and store a wide range of products in specific temperature and/or humidity conditions while meeting regulatory standards. Whether your need is for a stability testing program, cold storage or cold chain transportation testing, we can assist with any of your testing or storage needs.

CSZ stability test chambers are specifically designed for steady state, accelerated aging, shelf life testing, expiration date testing and more. Capable of meeting a variety of ASTM standards such as ASTM F1980, ICH Q1A FDA stability testing guidelines and more, we supply the specific product to meet these testing requirements.

Our BioStore freezer rooms provide cold storage and are configured to meet bulk storage needs of vaccines, bulk APIs and more. Our cold storage rooms address the concerns of reliably storing material at consistently low temperatures. These freezer rooms are designed to replace multiple upright freezers with a large insulated room consisting of individual reach-in freezer compartments that are temperature-controlled and maintained by a central refrigeration system offering back up redundancy systems. Ideal for the storage of vaccines, genetic material (DNA), donor tissues, and allografts for surgical transplantation, these life science cold storage facilities contain individual freezer compartments with temperatures as low as -70°C (-94°F) and colder.

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Pharmaceutical Stability Testing

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Custom Pharmaceutical ChamberThis chamber, a custom-built BioStore Freezer Room is designed to store bottles of pharmaceutical product at -70C. With over 4800 cu.ft. of conditioned interior space, the chamber is divided into four zones that can each hold up to 288 bottles.