Chamber Controllers & Software


EZT-570 Touch Screen Controller

EZT-570S Touch Screen ControllerThe EZT-570 Touch Screen Controller is designed off of our previous controller platform with familiar features in an improved interface, added functionality for ease and fewer steps to accomplish your daily testing needs. Remotely monitor and control your chambers and receive text/email alarms. From the home screen users can now manually control, run or stop a profile and view a snapshot of current activity like actual/setpoint values, alarm, datalogging, profile, security, IP address information and more.


EZT-430S Touch Screen Controller
EZT-430S Touch Screen ControllerThe EZT-430S Touch Screen Controller provides users a choice to operate the controller like a smartphone or using window-based navigation. The controller comes standard with data logging, data file access via memory stick or PC, Ethernet control and monitoring, alarm notification via email or phone text message, data file backup, full system security, and may be configured in 11 different languages.

EZ-View Controller Software

CSZ EZ-View Chamber SoftwareEZ-View Software allows users to easily monitor and control their CSZ test chambers from any location. Features include advanced data logging, profile entry, graphs, system security with file encryption, alarm monitoring, and flexible trend. Control & monitor up to 128 devices from a single PC.

CSZ Connect Software

CSZ Connect SoftwareOur CSZ Connect Software allows you to connect the test chambers in your lab and monitor from a web browser - one source to monitor all your test data. This locally installed PC software includes real time data log information, alarm, data and audit trail file access for multiple CSZ chambers. Comes standard with all CSZ test chambers.

VibTrak Software
VibTrak Software VibTrak™ Software provides remote chamber control, monitoring, data management and spectrum analysis of vibration data from one PC. This software is ideal for use with a benchtop vibration table that is inside a temperature/humidity chamber for dual temperature and vibration testing and is also ideal for monitoring and controlling HALT HASS test chambers.

Other Controllers and Software
Test Chamber Controllers We also design chambers with other controller brands and software such as Watlow F4 and F4T, JC Systems and others based upon customer requests where facilities have standardized on other control systems. Contact us for special requests.