Why Choose CSZ Test Chambers?

We are committed to being the premier provider of environmental testing solutions. Our test chambers are built with quality, reliability and performance in mind. We are dedicated to provide our customers with high quality service from the initial point of contact to after sales support.

CSZ test chambers have been in production since 1940. We have the experience and expertise to provide the best solution for your environmental testing needs.

More Info about CSZ

  • Exclusive Tundra® Refrigeration System
  • Custom Capabilities/Designs
  • Experience
  • Quality
  • Service - Nationwide - Responsive
  • Diverse Product Mix

Tundra Refrigeration

Tundra Refrigeration
Our exclusive Tundra® refrigeration system offers increased performance, rapid temperature change rates, increased live load capacity, reduced utility and maintenance costs, with high reliability and quiet operation. The Tundra system provides cooling down to the low temperature of -45ºC or -54ºC (-49ºF to -65ºF) and may be included in almost any CSZ environmental chamber. Ask your CSZ sales representative how the Tundra can reduce your costs and your testing time.
Custom Environmental Test Chambers
We lead the market in custom-designed environmental chambers. Our experienced engineering and design team can create custom solutions for your highly specialized requirements. We have designed thousands of test chambers for special applications and has the expertise to custom-design virtually any type of environment simulation system.
Industry Experience
With our legacy of environmental test chamber manufacturing, you can be confident that you are purchasing the best environmental chamber in the industry. Our technical sales and applications specialists are available to solve your most challenging environmental test application. Our years of combined engineering and manufacturing experience ensure solid designs and products.
Test Chamber Quality
The quality design and engineering of our products are known throughout the industry. We ensure the quality and reliability of every product we manufacture with design review meetings, incoming and in-process inspections, vendor auditing, and validation testing. Our ISO-9001:2015 certification, combined with our quality processes ensures you are purchasing the most reliable chamber in the industry.
Customer Service
The true cost of capital equipment cannot be measured only by its purchase price. Our dedication to customer service continues long after the sale with start-up, training, technical support, spare and replacement parts, systems upgrades, and preventative maintenance programs. You can count on us to stand behind our products.
Product Diversity
We offer a broad range of both standard and custom-designed environmental test chambers tailored to meet your design requirements. Sizes of chambers range from bench-top to full walk-in/drive-in rooms simulating almost any environment a product may be exposed to such as temperature, humidity, altitude, thermal shock, and vibration conditions.