Photostability Chambers

Photostability chambers are utilized for light exposure testing of drug products in the pharmaceutical industry according to ICH Q1B FDA Photostability Testing of New Drug Substances and Products. Our photostability test chambers are designed to meet option 2 of this guideline. Our chambers are available in two sizes featuring a compact benchtop and a spacious upright model with uniform light, temperature and humidity distribution.

The photostability testing chambers utilize cool white and ultraviolet-A fluorescent lamps with power levels that allow photostability tests to be carried out in less than 100 hours. Exceptional quality, innovative product features, high accuracy sensors and smart touchscreen controls provide optimum conditions for your photostability testing.

Stability Testing Quote

  • Meets ICH Q1B Guidelines
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliant control system
  • Compact, easy fit through common doorways
  • Uni-Flow airflow design and light equalization filters provides precise uniformity
  • Ultra-low heat rejection to lab space
  • Whisper quiet operation
  • Patented high efficiency sterile steam humidity system
  • Photostability tests can be performed in less than 100 hours




  • 7" WebSeason touchscreen control interface
  • Ideal distribution of light, UV, temperature and humidity
  • Calibrated light sensors for light level feedback
  • Lockable door
  • White interior surfaces for maximum reflectivity
  • Integrated humidity water tank

  • Specifications
  • Instrumentation
  • Cabinet
Model C/250/L C/500/L
Workspace Volume 9 cu. ft. (235L) 18 cu. ft. (460L)
Internal Dimensions
W x D x H
Inches (mm)
20.9”W x 26.5”D x 25.2”H
(530 x 673 x 641)
20.9”W x 27“D x 51.4”H
(530 x 687 x 1305)
External Dimensions
W x D x H
Inches (mm)
45.6”W x 34.3”D x 40”H
(1159 x 872 x 1017)
31.6”W x 41.7”D x 80.9”H
(803 x 1060 x 2055)
Temperature Range +5°C to +50°C (lights on/off) +5°C to +50°C (lights off)
+10°C to +50°C (lights on)
Humidity Range
20% to 90% RH
Light Tiers 1 UV, 1 CW Light 2 UV, 2 CW Light
  • TheWebSeason® Controller Interface - Program, Control and Monitor your testing Up to six users can simultaneously use any web-based device (such as smart phones, tablets, or laptops) to connect to the controller remotely, in their own language. In addition, any user has remote access to view information, such as remaining test time, number of cycles, current steps and actual values, as well as warning and alarm notices. Optional software S!MPATI® pharma for downloading and data report meets 21 CFR Part 11.
  • Ethernet TCP/IP Communication
  • Stainless steel interior, easily cleanable, no need to remove false walls
  • Integral Humidity Water Tank
  • Lockable, solid door
  • Six, slide-out wire rack shelves per door
  • Compact size and casters
  • 2” (5 cm) cable port

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