Gas & Oil Testing

We supply high-quality environmental chambers to manufacturers of valves, actuators and other components used in the gas & oil industry for drilling and other applications. Chambers are used to validate product reliability for its intended use. The demand for energy resources is constantly on the rise, and it is at upmost importance that these products continue to function effectively in the field. Common testing standards include extreme change rates and temperatures reaching +260C. Chambers are designed to meet a variety testing standard such as API API-6A Annex F, API-17D and other industry specifications.

Our engineering team also has experience building custom-designed test chambers to meet your specific application needs.

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Gas & Oil Industry Testing

  • Standard Products
  • Custom Solutions
Oil Drilling Custom Test ChamberThis 125 cu.ft. walk-in chamber was built to satisfy Subsea Drilling System requirements and is designed to test large valves API-17D testing standards.

Deep Sea Testing ChamberThis chamber, specially built to test components used in deep sea drilling, is designed with a pneumatically operated door for easier loading and a special chamber interface in order to test up to 30’ of part at a time.

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