Battery Testing

The future of energy is electric. 

We develop cost effective battery test chambers designed with user safety and product efficacy in mind. CSZ battery test chambers cater to a wide array of industries, including automotive, defense, telecommunications, and computer technology. Our versatile and scalable solutions accommodate various battery types, from NIMH and lead-acid to lithium-ion, and everything in between. Whether you are testing small battery cells, modules or large EV battery packs, we have a broad selection of test chambers from compact benchtop chambers to fully equipped walk-in rooms to meet any of your testing needs.


Each of our battery testing solutions are engineered to replicate the conditions that batteries will face in real-world applications, such as temperature extremes, humidity, vibration, and altitude. We proudly offer systems that not only ensure the safe and efficient testing of battery cells, modules, and packs, but also meet the rigorous standards set by leading organizations like IEC, IEEE, SAE, UL, and USCAR.


As the demand for electric and hybrid vehicles continues to soar, battery testing is of the utmost importance. Our solutions are designed to address common test applications such as temperature cycling, humidity simulation, AGREE Vibration, and more.


Our extensive experience drives our commitment to custom design. If our standard chambers don't quite meet your specific needs, our expert engineering team will work with you to create a custom-designed test chamber tailored to your unique application requirements.


We're not just keeping up with the evolution of battery technology—we're charging it forward.

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Battery Testing

  • Standard Products
  • Custom Solutions
Custom Battery ChamberCSZ provided eight ZP chambers and an Altitude chamber, all custom designed with special safeties for battery testing, to the Battery Innovation Center in Indiana. These chambers will be used for testing and development of new battery technologies.

EV Battery Test ChamberCSZ supplies a variety of chambers to the GM battery test lab; including custom walk-in chambers for testing batteries used in EV and Hybrid vehicles.

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