Battery Testing

We have extensive experience designing battery test chambers while keeping the safety of the user in mind. Battery test chambers are supplied to a variety of industries including automotive, defense, telecommunications, and computer. Our experience includes chambers designed for testing NIMH, lead acid and lithium ion batteries from small battery cells to large battery packs. Chamber sizes range from small benchtop chambers to full environmental controlled rooms.

With the recent push toward electric and hybrid vehicles to reduce emissions, battery- testing has become at upmost importance. Common test applications include temperature cycling, humidity simulation, AGREE Vibration and more.

Our engineering team is also capable of building custom-designed test chambers to meet your specific application needs.

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Battery Testing

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Custom Battery ChamberCSZ provided eight ZP chambers and an Altitude chamber, all custom designed with special safeties for battery testing, to the Battery Innovation Center in Indiana. These chambers will be used for testing and development of new battery technologies.

EV Battery Test ChamberCSZ supplies a variety of chambers to the GM battery test lab; including custom walk-in chambers for testing batteries used in EV and Hybrid vehicles.

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