Telecommunications Testing

Test chambers for the telecommunications industry are designed to meet a variety of test specifications, including Telcordia test requirements. Common products tested include cell phones, switch gears/boxes, connectors, fiber optics, line protector units, outdoor networks interface devices, switching racks, network switching systems and more.

As demand for cloud storage increases there is a great deal of R&D testing that is conducted on new products for storage servers. These servers generate a lot of heat and must go through rigorous environmental reliability testing during operation. We provide various size walk-in rooms with specialized refrigeration cooling systems to handle the heat load to assist with this type of testing.

The telecommunications industry is required to test several of its products to meet Telcordia (Bellcore) specifications in order to establish product quality and reliability by simulating test conditions the products will see during the product’s use, transportation or storage conditions. Many Telcordia specifications require testing at the low temperature of -40°C (-40°F). Our patented Tundra cooling system can efficiently test products down to the low temperature of -45°C (-49°F) and be included in any environmental chamber. We design our test chambers so that customers can specify a variety of port location, sizes and shapes for cable routing needs and is also capable of building custom-designed test chambers to meet your specific application needs.

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Telecommunications Testing

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Telecommunications Custom ChamberThis chamber, built for a leading telecommunications supplier to quickly cycle circuit boards for production testing. Not only did they need a chamber with fast cycling capabilities, but, due to the high reliability demands of this product, they needed to quickly control and change the temperature of the circuit boards while they were powered up. CSZ’s solution was a custom-built Accelerated Stress Test chamber with a loading ramp and a port in the rear for interfacing power and signal connections to the boards.

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TIA - Telecommunications Industry Association represents the communications sector of EIA.

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