Automotive Testing

Reliability & Safety Testing are both paramount for the automotive market, whether it is keeping drivers & passengers safe or decreasing warranty cost from expensive recalls. Environmental test chambers aid in this testing for a variety of components including seat belts, electronics, air bags, engines, lithium ion batteries and more. Our chambers are also used every day to assist in the development of new technologies for the industry.

We also manufacture large drive-in chambers for full vehicle testing up to the size of a full semi-truck. Offering extensive experience supplying both standard and custom-engineered environmental testing solutions to the automotive market, chambers can simulate multiple environments for temperature, humidity, solar, and vibration.

Learn more about our battery test chambers which are a critical element in testing EV cells, modules and packs.

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Automotive Testing

  • Standard Products
  • Custom Solutions
Automotive Test ChamberCustom built for a leading automotive manufacturer, this chamber is built for testing a variety of vehicle components, including car doors, dashboards, full sized vehicles and more.

Battery Test ChamberCSZ supplies a variety of chambers to the GM battery test lab; including custom walk-in chambers for testing batteries used in EV and Hybrid vehicles.

Industry Resources

SAE- Society of Automotive Engineers – Provides technical information for the automotive and aerospace industries.