Automotive Testing

Reliability & Safety Testing are both paramount for the automotive market, whether it is keeping drivers & passengers safe or decreasing warranty cost from expensive recalls. Environmental test chambers aid in this testing for a variety of components including seat belts, electronics, air bags, engines, lithium ion batteries and more.

We also manufacture large drive-in chambers for full vehicle testing up to the size of a full semi-truck. Offering extensive experience supplying both standard and custom-engineered environmental testing solutions to the automotive market, chambers can simulate multiple environments for temperature, humidity, solar, and vibration.

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Automotive Testing

  • Standard Products
  • Custom Solutions
Automotive Test ChamberCustom built for a leading automotive manufacturer, this chamber is built for testing a variety of vehicle components, including car doors, dashboards, full sized vehicles and more.

Battery Test ChamberCSZ supplies a variety of chambers to the GM battery test lab; including custom walk-in chambers for testing batteries used in EV and Hybrid vehicles.

Industry Resources

SAE- Society of Automotive Engineers – Provides technical information for the automotive and aerospace industries.

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