Battery Testing Chambers

We supply a variety of test chambers for testing small battery cells to large lithium ion battery packs. Battery test chambers are supplied to a variety of industries including telecommunications, computer and automotive. With the goal of reducing automobile emissions and the push toward electric hybrid vehicles, the need for lithium ion battery testing is even more critical. Our proven experience provides the most cost-effective solutions.

Battery Test Chamber BrochureBattery Test Chamber Brochure
Mitigating Risks in Battery TestingMitigating Risks in Battery Testing

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CSZ Battery Test Chambers

  • Chamber Information
  • Touch Screen Controller
  • Available Safety Features

CSZ offers a large selection of test chambers for testing batteries of any size. Temperatures range from -70°C to +190°C (-94°F to +375°F) with an optional humidity range from 10% to 98%. Below are various types of chambers used for battery testing applications.
  • High/Low Temperature Cycling
  • Humidity Simulation
  • AGREE Vibration Combined with temperature/humidity
  • Altitude Simulation
  • Explosion Proof Chambers
  • Thermal Shock 

CSZ EZT-570S Touch Screen Controller is designed to save chamber programming and setup time. Standard features data logging, data file access via memory stick or PC, Ethernet control and monitoring, alarm notification via email or phone text message, full system security, online help & voice assistance in multiple languages and more.

CSZ Battery Test Chambers meet IEC, UL and a variety of other battery test specifications.

CSZ environmental chambers are designed with safety in mind. Our Engineering team will review test requirements with the customer and incorporate applicable test chamber safety features for the specific battery test application. Below is a partial list of safety features that may be incorporated into CSZ test chambers.

  • Venting System
  • Rapid Air Expansion Compensation
  • Product Temperature Monitoring
  • Temperature Limited Sheathed Heaters
  • Intrinsically Safe Barriers
  • GN2 Purge
  • Fire Detection and Suppression
  • Gas Monitors

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