Customer Training Opportunities

2021 Seminars

Sept 22-23
Customer Training Seminar-Fall
We will host a FREE training seminar for our customers at our Cincinnati Plant. This training seminar will be geared to test chamber operators and maintenance technicians.

CSZ Seminar Information


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Top Items to Consider When Selecting the Right Test Chamber
We will cover the most important items that manufacturers need to know to provide the best test chamber for your application and tips to help you save money in the long run.


Mitigating Risks When Testing Hazardous Materials
With the vast array of products and materials being tested, it is important to consider all of the potential hazards that may arise from testing your product. Discuss chamber safeties that to help mitigate potential risk.


Keep Your Chamber Running in Perfect Conditions with Preventive Maintenance
This webinar will discuss the refrigeration and the humidity systems and how to keep them operating at optimal performance.


Understand Humidity and Why it is Important for Your Test Application
This webinar will go discuss the types of humidity systems, there advantages, and challenges in various testing applications.


Common Options Accessories and When You Would Use Them
This webinar will discuss common options used. You will learn about what the option is and how and why it may be used to meet your test application needs.


Chamber Air Flow and Temperature Transition Rates
Review of the types of chamber air flow used in environmental chambers, temperature transition rates and effect of product loads


Stability Test Chambers & What You Need to Know to Select the Right Chambers
Review of how stability chambers are used along with test standards and important features of stability testing chambers in the life science industry.


HALT & HASS Overview & HALT Chambers
Learn how HALT testing can help decrease warranty costs and improve product reliability. This webinar will introduce you to the basics of HALT & HASS testing.


What Type of Cooling System is Best for My Chamber Application?
Discuss different types of cooling systems used on environmental chambers and which is best suited for your testing application.


Ultra-Low Cold Storage Solutions – Vaccines
Review ultra-low cold storage solutions for the life sciences industry including vaccine storage.


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