Medical Device Testing

We build test chambers to help manufacturers save lives. These environmental chambers play a critical role in safety testing of medical devices and products such as medical test kits (sutures, safety needles), respirators, ventilators, inhalers, medical electronics, adhesives, ultrasound equipment, dialysis machine components, heart stints and more.

Environmental test chambers can be used in the medical industry to test products to meet a variety of ASTM, FDA, IEC 60601-1 and additional IEC testing standards along with customer specified test requirements.

Whether the requirement is for safety testing, reliability testing, accelerated aging, or product packaging tests, we have the product for environmental testing needs of temperature, humidity, altitude and more. We are also capable of building custom-designed test chambers to meet your specific application needs.

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Medical Device Testing

  • Standard Products
  • Custom Chambers
Custom Medical Test ChamberA custom built chamber to test carbon canisters used in the medical device industry at various temperature conditions.