EZT-430S Touch Screen Controller

Simplify Your Testing

Customers can choose to operate like a smart phone with slide-navigation technology with icons or windows navigation with drop down menus.   It incorporates many time-savings features such as data logging, data file access with memory stick, ethernet control and monitoring, alarm notification via email and/or phone text message, data file backup system, full system security, multiple languages and more.

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  • Communications & Connectivity
  • Data Logging
  • User Convenience & Flexibility
  • Enhanced Functionality
  • Downloads

EZT-430S Main Screen
  • Ethernet capability to remotely monitor and control multiple test chambers. Wired, wireless, local area network or World Wide Web Ethernet connectivity provides anytime, anywhere access. Three options to remotely control & monitor your chambers.
    1. Use a web browser and type in a web address to monitor your chamber from any computer or wireless PDA device.
    2. Use Ethernet to monitor and control from your computer or wireless device
    3. Use CSZ optional EZ-View software to monitor & control multiple CSZ chambers and download profiles.
  • Alarm notification system sends email and/or text phone messages in the event of a chamber alarm, saving valuable tests while reducing downtime.
  • Email data, alarm and audit trail files directly from controller.
  • TCP/IP, RS-232 and RS-485 Communications.

EZT-430i Trend Graph
  • Easily download profiles, alarm files, audit trail files and data files to a USB compatible memory stick in a compatible .CSV file format. Also import profiles to other chambers saving valuable profile entry time.
  • Access data files directly from controller or PC.
  • Files may also be automatically backed up daily for hassle-free file management using FTP. FTP/FileWeb/DataWeb (LAN/WAN).
  • Digital Signatures to guarantee data integrity & traceability for tamper-proof data & audit trail files.
  • Data files may be saved for constant logging or per profile.
  • Customize files names & ability to include batch & lot numbers in data file.
  • Real time & historical trend graphs, plot data on two axes including with the drag-n-zoom feature.

EZT-430i Language Screen
  • High resolution, Windows CE 4” operator interface. 
  • Unlimited number of profiles. Each profile up to 64 steps with up to 6 events per loop.
  • Profile status view.
  • Loop trends screen shows a real time graph showing progress of running profile.
  • Available in 11 different languages – one setting updates icons, menus and help screens.

EZT-430i Windows Navigation
  • Adapt-a-tune technology provides the ultimate in chamber performance and control stability.
  • Autostart profiles.
  • Full system security allows up to 30 different users with three different levels of security
  • Selectable power failure/recovery functionality.

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