CSZ Connect Software

Easily connect and monitor all the environmental test chambers in your lab 

Our CSZ Connect software allows you to connect the test chambers in your lab and monitor from a web browser - one source to monitor all your test data. This locally installed PC software includes real time data log information, alarm, data and audit trail file access for multiple CSZ chambers. It also provides flexibility to view data a trend graphs for any date and time you specify.  All data resides on your LAN for data security. 




  • Access your data files, alarm files and audit trail files from your web browser.
  • Provides back up of your data to server directory you specify.
  • Files and data can be downloaded in a .csv or .xlsx format. Real time data/file data digitally signed to ensure data integrity.
  • System automatically configures your data logging information from settings on your controller for simple setup.
  • Data files are in a SQL database and fully searchable by ID, date, time, or controller variable.
  • Simply select date/time range to view your data file.
  • Easily configure and display trend chart real time. Simply select the date or time frame you would like to trend. Screen shot your charts and save for your test documentation.
  • View chart and data table on the same screen.
  • All configuration and real time settings at each controller are transferred to the server automatically for easy restore to your EZT controller when it is needed.
  • Administrators can provide access to users for all chambers or specific chambers you specify in your lab.
  • Configure your software and show only the functions you want to display.
  • CSZ EZT-570S, EZT-430S controllers
  • SQL (Structured Query Language) compatibility for open system database access with proper credentials
  • Windows 7 and 10




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