CSZ EZ-View Software

For simplified chamber control, monitoring & data management

Our EZ-View software provides chamber control, monitoring, and data logging for up to 128 devices on a single PC. Incorporates frequently used functions of the CSZ EZT controller all from one workstation making EZ-View the ideal choice to easily manage the multiple test chambers in your lab. Remote Desktop provides the ability to remotely control & monitor all of the chambers on the link from one PC.




  • Full profile entry with spreadsheet/graph monitoring of complete profile.
  • EZ-View can be installed on any PC to access and trend data files from the main EZ-View PC.
  • Full system security with encryption on all data files including support for electronic signatures.
  • Full Windows security with Administrator, Supervisor and Operator rights for all EZ-View functions.
  • Detail, profile entry, profile monitor and monitor probe views for all EZT's on the link.
  • Flexible trending allows for 96 points user configurable across 8 different trend graphs.
  • All trend graphs have a "slider", drag and zoom capabilities as well as complete setup of all points and colors.
  • Unlimited "saves" for trend setups.
  • Alarm monitoring.
  • Allows connection of up to 31 EZT controllers to a single PC using EIA-485.

Easily setup data logging and manage data log files for multiple chambers in a few clicks of a mouse. Save batch and lot numbers along with operator comments in the data file.
  • Dedicated data logging files for each device with quick download of data to .CSV file.
  • Built-in data file search function. Search for any operator event or data string across all data files and user assigned directories on local or network drives.
  • Advanced historical data log viewer & graph trending. Graphic user interface provided for all tools including zoom and data selection (continuous and discontinuous data supported). EZ-View can be installed on any PC to access historical data while running in simulation mode.
  • Full system security with encryption on all data files including support for electronic signatures provides tamper-proof operation for all data files.
  • Data log overview screen provides data logging details for all chambers and devices on the link in a single easy to use window. Data logging status, filename and directory information are provided.
  • EZ-View data files can be configured to start and stop based on EZT-560/570i profile operation (automated data logging).
  • CSZ Chambers with EZT-570, EZT-560i/560, EZT-430i, P91, and L91 limit controllers.
  • Pentium 4 desktop computer >=2 GHz
  • Windows 98, NT, XP, Vista and Windows 7 with minimum of 512MB RAM




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