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New Stackable Benchtop Models Saves Floor Space and Doubles Test Capacity

Our new Z-Plus stackable Benchtop Temperature/Humidity Chambers are designed for diverse testing needs across multiple industries. This chamber offers improve­­ments in flexibility and increased testing capacity. With an 8-cu. ft. capacity, the Z-Plus Benchtop Chamber is engineered to address the most common testing applications, making it an indispensable tool for R&D, reliability, and validation testing.

The key feature of the Z-Plus Benchtop Chamber is its adaptability to different use cases. The stackable configuration of the new model enhances flexibility and maximizes testing capacity, the ideal solution for test labs with limited floor space.

The Z-Plus Benchtop Chamber offers three configurations:

  1. Standard Benchtop Model: Seamlessly integrates with existing tabletops, ensuring a hassle-free setup.

  2. Single Chamber with Optional Cart: Equipped with a shelf for storing test equipment, saving valuable space.

  3. Stacked Chamber Configuration with Optional Cart: This configuration doubles testing capacity without requiring additional floor space, allowing simultaneous testing in separate chambers.

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