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Innovative Testing Solutions for Next-Gen Batteries

As the world transitions to cleaner, sustainable energy sources, the importance of high-performing batteries becomes more critical than ever. Solid-state batteries have emerged as a promising solution with the potential to revolutionize mobile power markets. With higher energy density and improved safety compared to traditional lithium-ion batteries, all-solid-state batteries could enable the widespread adoption of electric vehicles and improve the efficiency of battery-powered devices. However, developing reliable solid-state batteries requires extensive research and testing to ensure their performance and safety.

An industry-leading developer of next-generation all-solid-state battery technology recently approached CSZ with plans to expand the scope of its solid-state battery material production with a second facility. Once equipped with new R&D labs and cell testing equipment, this facility would expand the production footprint and enable the company to advance to the initial stages of the automotive qualification process.

As a manufacturer of cutting-edge technology, this developer must employ rigorous testing protocols to demonstrate the stability and safety of its proprietary technology.
Tasked with equipping the developer’s new large-cell testing facility, we quoted 17 customized ZP Reach-In Test Chambers, Models ZPX-43-2-H/WC. These models provide a 43 cubic ft workspace and are equipped with options designed to safely test batteries for EUCAR level 5. To address the company’s temperature uniformity needs, the CSZ team made changes to the airflow design.

The next set of customizations address the company’s need to successfully load and unload the large-cell batteries - which can weigh over 1000 pounds – into the chambers. The design featured unique shelf supports to facilitate ease of loading and a customized fixture frame mounted to a steel cart. The fixture frame is electrically operated and includes superior height positioning for loading shelves at upper and lower positions. A rear floor brake safely locks the cart to ensure reliable and safe testing practices.
By providing the all-solid-state battery developer with customized chambers and equipment tailored to their specific testing requirements, the CSZ team helped the company to move forward in its testing and qualification process. We are a proud collaborator in testing next-generation battery technology, bringing the industry closer to advancing this revolutionary technology.


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