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CSZ Test Chamber Supports BETA Technologies' Electric Aircraft R&D

When electric aerospace company, BETA Technologies, approached the CSZ team for a consultation and purchase of a custom environmental test solution, we were excited to partner with an organization working to transform the landscape of air transportation. BETA Technologies’ ambitious pursuit of electric aviation. offers revolutionary potential for their larger goal of forging a path to zero-emission aviation.

BETA plans to power electric aircraft with a Lithium-ion Battery Cell Pack prototype — the product the CSZ team was tasked with customizing a solution to test. These batteries require rigorous testing to assess performance and safety.

With modifications to CSZ Brand’s walk-in chambers, our team customized two Welded Walk-Ins tailored to BETA Technologies’ exact testing requirements. The chambers simulate the conditions the battery prototype is anticipated to experience in its lifetime, such as those during take-off, flight, and landing.


To manage the potential for a thermal runaway associated with research and development testing on lithium-ion battery packs, which could lead to flame and smoke, the CSZ team conducted a comprehensive risk evaluation, implementing a custom safety package to manage such an event.


Download the Case Study.


Pictured above: BETA's Lithium-ion Battery Cell Pack prototype under test in a custom CSZ Walk-In chamber.