HALT & HASS Chambers

Accelerated Stress Testing

HALT and HASS Time Compressor® chambers provide extreme temperature & vibration capabilities used during the product design and manufacturing cycles to compress the time normally required to identify design and process weaknesses. HALT techniques are important in uncovering many of the weak links inherent to the design and fabrication process of a new product. HASS techniques are incorporated during the production phase to find manufacturing process defects that could cause product failures in the field.

Industry leading performance levels of these CSZ HALT and HASS chambers include temperature ramp rates greater than 90ºC/min (194ºF/min) with vibration levels of 1 to 90 GRMS for accelerated stress testing. Sound levels, liquid nitrogen consumption and power usage are the lowest in the industry offering compelling return on investment opportunities.

HALT/HASS Reliability TestingHALT & HASS Pushes Boundaries to Make Products More Reliable

HALT/HASS Reliability TestingImproving Product Reliability Through HALT & HASS Testing


Need something smaller? Our benchtop vibration table may be used for vibration testing or placed inside of a 16 cu. ft. temperature chamber or larger for combined temperature and vibration testing. 



  • Low LN2 & utility usage for greater ROI
  • Reduces design time and cost
  • Qualification or DVT assured
  • Shortens time to market
  • Increases product reliability
  • Decreases warranty costs

Test Chamber Controller

  • Specifications
  • Instrumentation
  • Communications
  • Performance


TC 2.0


TC 2.5


TC 3.0


TC 4.0
Temperature Range
-100°C to +200°C (-148°F to +392°F)
Temperature Ramp Rates
70°C to +100°C/min (158°F to +212°F/min¹)
Vibration Levels
1 - 90 GRMS
1 - 80 GRMS
Table Size
24" x 24"
(61 x 61 cm)
30" x 30"
(76 x 76 cm)
36" x 36"
(91 x 91 cm)
48" x 48"
(122 x 122 cm)
Workspace Dimensions
W x D x H (cm)
30" x 30" x 30"

(76 x 76 x 76 cm)
34" x 34" x 34"

(86 x 86 x 86 cm)
40" x 40" x 40"

(102 x 102 x 102 cm)
58" x 58" x 54"

(147 x 147 x 137 cm)
Outside Dimensions
W x D x H (cm)
62" x 41" x 80"

(157 x 104 x 203 cm)
65" x 48" x 84"

(165 x 122 x 213 cm)
75" x 54" x 90"

(191 x 138 x 229 cm)
86" x 71" x 102"

(218 x 180 x 260 cm)
¹Measured at -65°C to 85°C 6” above table center with hoses attached. Rate will vary depending on model and dwell time.
Touch Screen Controller
  • CSZ EZT-570 Touch Screen Controller with data logging, remote control & monitoring, email/text alarm notification messages, data file backup system, full system security and more.  Includes pre-programmed test profiles for faster program implementation.
EZ-View Software
  • RS-232/485 serial communications
  • EZ-View works with EZT-570 controller to provide remote monitoring, control, data logging and store/graph measured temperature and vibration GRMS data. This software is provided as a no cost value added feature.
Halt Hass Testing
  • High temperature ramp rates at >90°C (194°F) per minute for increased thermal stresses to speed precipitation.
  • Low LN2 and power consumption in total for a given screen dramatically decreases operating costs.
  • Pressure gauges allow operating pressures to be continuously monitored.
  • Large dynamic range shaker, 1  to 90 GRMS with a bare table. High GRMS levels are used to enhance precipitation and low level with Modulated Excitation™ are used to increase detection.
  • Lowest noise level < 72 dBA at 30 GRMS.
  • One size chamber can accommodate wide range of product weights/sizes for high payload weights using replaceable springs.

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