HALT and HASS Time Compressor® Options

Listed below are the options that are available on HALT and HASS chambers.

Performance & Refrigeration Options
Fresh air purge system flushes nitrogen from the chamber workspace utilizing compressed air. If the door is opened without running the air purge, a buzzer will sound and an indicator light will flash until the door is closed. An air purge can be programmed to run as an event at the end of a profile or initiated by pressing a button. This is standard on the TC-4 model.

A spares kit of items that could provide for immediate on-site repair capabilities is available. This kit includes items such as accelerometers, accelerometer cable, spare thermocouples, spare vibrators and heaters.
An integrated tool box attached to the chamber provides quick access for tools needed for use with the chamber or fixturing. The toolbox provides handy storage without requiring additional floor or table space.
Includes four lengths of 80-20 bar with holes and an assortment of threaded rod, nuts and washers
CE, UL, CSA approval are available, along with a variety of custom options are available.

Instrumentation Options
An industry standard O2 concentration monitor is available. The monitor can be stand-alone or integrated with the chamber operation. Although nitrogen is not a hazardous gas, it does displace oxygen and can (in sufficient quantities) create a hazardous condition if not exhausted. The chamber needs to be exhausted to the outside atmosphere and all access ports need to be sealed against nitrogen gas leakage. An oxygen monitoring system with low-level detection and alarm capability is recommended.
Provides monitoring of the vibration levels and spectrum for the product under test. Also shows power spectrum vs. frequency profile. Includes signal input module and our VibTrak software along with cabling to connect to the customer supplied computer.
Four temperature thermocouples and two additional GRMS vibration accelerometers for monitoring are available in addition to the standard “z-axis” monitor. Option includes readout with individual alarms, displays, and data logging for each input that can be monitored by the EZT-570i and the EZ-View software.
The customer event option includes 15 event outputs with connection panel & removable plug connectors. Designed to turn customer’s electronic DUT’s (devices under test) ON or OFF at various stages of the customer programmed test profile. Each output may also be configured to perform other operations including alarm or profile status indicators.
This includes a connection panel and 8 inputs that can be configured to perform various controller functions.