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CSZ Provides Bulk Cold Storage Solution for Vaccines

As the need for vaccines and pharmaceuticals rise worldwide, CSZ BioStore® ultra-cold freezer rooms offer an ideal solution for customers with bulk cold storage needs. These freezer rooms address cold storage concerns of reliably storing material at consistently low temperatures.

The BioStore freezer rooms contain individual freezer compartments with temperatures from -75°C up to -40°C (-103°F to -40°F). These freezer rooms are comprised of an entry room of 2-8°C and -20°C storage room with multiple freezer compartments (10, 20 or more).  This is ideal for large capacity storage to replace multiple upright freezers and cold chambers with a single room.

The many benefits of the freezer rooms include:

  • Fully redundant (single or dual) backup cooling systems that guarantee continuous operation to protect valuable samples and materials. 
  • Reduces the amount of floor space required for equivalent individual freezers. 
  • Utilizes less power per cubic foot. 
  • Saves operating costs by dissipating less condenser heat into the room, saving on operating costs of the building’s cooling system. 
  • Reduces maintenance and repair costs by only maintaining one system instead of multiple, individual freezers. 
  • Minimizes frost accumulation.

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We also offer a full range of refrigerated and vaccine freezer room solutions for various cold storage requirements.