Custom Designed Environmental Chambers

Do your test applications require a special mechanical interface, modification of a standard environmental test chamber, or a unique and special requirement? Then, consider a custom-designed chamber from CSZ!

Our top flight engineering and design team can create custom solutions for your highly specialized requirements. From chambers for the smallest computer chip to huge rocket engines, and everything in between, CSZ has the know-how to make your needs our successes. Cincinnati Sub-Zero has custom designed thousands of environmental test chambers for special applications. We can custom design the right environmental testing system for you!

  • Test Chamber Interfacing
  • Test Stand & Fixtures
  • Ultra High & Ultra Low Temperatures
  • Explosion Proof Test Chambers

Custom Chamber InterfaceTemperature cycling units may be designed to interface with your equipment. (i.e. automated conveyors for use in the manufacturing process).

Custom FixturesCustom product test stands and fixtures, such as product racks and slide-out shelves, are designed for optimum airflow around your product and can be manufactured for literally any environment.

Extreme Temperature Chamber
  • High temperature chambers up to 350°C (662°F), requiring special construction and attention to detail are possible at CSZ.
  • Temperatures of -84°C (-120°F) are standard with mechanical cascade refrigeration and -184°C (-300°F) is attainable with LN2.

Explosion Proof Test ChamberCSZ can provide a full range of explosion-proof chambers to qualify for Class I, Division I or II, and Group D.