Walk-In Chambers and Drive-In Chambers

Walk-In Chambers are available in a selection of different models to meet virtually any size requirement and test application. Used for testing or storing products that requires a large capacity chamber.

CSZ provides two primary types of walk-in chamber designs:
  1. Modular walk-in chambers utilize panelized, foam panels that are connected together to form various size rooms.
  2. Welded (Solid) walk-In chambers are fully welded chambers that can withstand higher temperatures along with humidity with faster temperature change rates and combined environments. Ideal for test requirements with temperature greater than 93°C (200°F).
Drive-In chambers are also available for full vehicle testing and multiple environmental simulation exposure. Every chamber can be tailor-designed to meet different requirements and specifications and can integrate with vibration systems (i.e. four post road simulation, MAST, 6 DOF, etc).

Walk In Quote

Which type of walk-in room is most appropriate for your application?

Temperature/Humidity Cycling
Constant Temperature/Humidity
Extreme Temp / Humidity Testing, Fast Ramp Rate
Storage Testing
Altitude Testing
Vibration Integration
Solar Simulation