Liquid Calibration Baths

Designed for calibration of temperature control devices that contain hazardous or corrosive fluids. Meets Class 1, Division 1 requirements for operation in a hazardous environment. CSZ explosion proof liquid calibration baths are designed to calibrate a large number of temperature sensors which contain a variety of different types of hazardous fluids. The sensors are typically calibrated in the same fluid used in the sensing element of the control devices per specification.

Liquid Calibration Baths Quote

This liquid bath is designed to meet Class I, Division I hazardous location electrical requirements. To accommodate the calibration requirements at different temperatures, the liquid bath has a wide temperature range from -62ºC to 27ºC (-80ºF to 80ºF).

In order to fully utilize the bath space and temperature condition the maximum amount of product, this bath is designed with four different product baskets, each holding approximately 10 lbs. of product. Sensors are placed into the temperature conditioned liquid bath until they reach temperature. After devices are conditioned, each basket is raised and placed onto hook a hook for individual sensor calibration. The unit is also designed to interface with a user’s ventilated hood, which removes harmful fumes from the environment.

CSZ Liquid Calibration Baths

Special Features
  • Remote instrumentation located on exhaust hood for easy access
  • Stainless steel interior and exterior to withstand corrosive fluids
  • Casters with foot brake for mobility and ease of maintenance
  • Split lid for convenient access to devices being calibrated
  • Designed to meet Class I, Division I requirements for operation in a hazardous environment

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