Fuel Tank Chamber

Our fuel tank test chamber is designed to test the quality and reliability of automotive fuel tanks. Fuel tanks are temperature conditioned to  -40°C (-40°F)  along with a glycol mixture that is also chilled to -40°C (-40°F). The fuel tanks are filled with the glycol fluid and placed into the -40°C (-40°F) chamber. Tanks are soaked in the chamber for a predetermined length of time, removed from the chamber, raised to a specific height, and then dropped.

To meet testing schedules, our design includes the use of a walk-in chamber combined with a liquid chilling system and storage tank cooled by one (1) refrigeration system for testing multiple fuel tanks. The walk-in chamber includes four (4) access doors and a stainless steel shelf system allowing the user to install and remove two (2) fuel tanks per door.

Fuel Tank Chamber Quote

CSZ Fuel Tank Test Chambers

Special Features

Walk-In Chamber

  • A manual defrost cycle allowed for periodic removal of any ice that could collect on the coils.
  • Four custom-size access doors with safety release latches to load and unload tanks.
  • Roller shelves were used to help with the manual loading and unloading of filled fuel tanks in the chamber.

Liquid Chilling System

  • Machine package included a 300-gallon (1135 L), insulated fluid reservoir.
  • Pumped fluid from the storage tank to the individual fuel tanks.
  • Gasoline station style nozzle for manually filling individual tanks.
  • Fluid gage accurate to 0.1 gallons (.38 L) to measure the amount of fluid placed in each fuel tank.
  • Fluid delivery system capable of delivering 15 gallons/min (56 L/min) of -40°C (-40ºF) glycol.

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