Accelerated Stress Test Chamber

In today’s fast moving and competitive environment, there is an increasing need to quickly test products in order to accelerate market introduction and improve product reliability at a competitive price. Accelerated stress test chambers are designed for fast product temperature change rates.

Our accelerated stress test chambers combine mechanical refrigeration; LN2 cooling and high velocity air flow for fast product temperature change rates. Chambers are typically designed with a change rate up to 30°C (54°F) per minute based upon the part temperature. Common uses are production stress testing circuit boards, electronic drives, assemblies, etc. Design allows the user to quickly control and change the temperature of the product.

For ease of use and storage, the chambers are equipped with a movable loading ramp allowing the user to easily roll in their test rack and store the ramp under the cart rack when not in use. A variety of ports and fixtures are available as options to accommodate different user interfaces and powering of devices.

Accelerated Stress Test Chamber Quote

CSZ Accelerated Stress Testing Chambers

Special Features
  • Workspace Volume: customized to requirements and number of racks
  • Fog-free window in the door
  • Door interlock safety switch
  • Dry Air Purge
  • Pressure compensation during ramp
  • Cycle indicator light
  • Serial communications

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