Solar Panel Testing Chamber

Our designs and manufactures solar panel testing chambers for testing various size photovoltaic modules and solar panels. These chambers are designed to meet common solar panel test specifications for IEC, UL and ASTM for temperature cycling test, damp heat test and humidity freeze tests.

Our solar panel testing chambers aid in qualifying that modules can withstand the thermal stress caused by repeated changes in high and low temperatures along with exposure to high humidity. Unique air flow design and distribution ensures precise air flow required for solar panel testing.

All CSZ chambers include the EZT-570 Touch Screen Controller includes a 7” (18 cm) or optional 10” (25 cm) touch screen and the latest in test chamber programming for ease of use. Users may choose to operate their controller in icon or menu based navigation and from the home screen,  manually control, run or stop a profile and view a snapshot of current chamber activity.

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CSZ Solar Panel Test Chambers
Solar Panel Testing Guide Find out how you can save up to 65% on your utility costs while performing your environmental solar panel tests.
See a general overview of common solar panel test specifications that require the use of environmental testing.

Solar Panel Test ChamberDownload our Photovoltaic & Solar Panel Environmental Testing Guide

Solar Panel Testing Chamber Models and Specifications

Below are a few examples of various CSZ chambers used for solar panel testing. Additional sizes are available.

  • Reach-In Chambers
  • Floor Loading Models
  • Walk-In Chambers & Rooms
Model ZPH-32 ZPH-44 ZPH-64
Workspace Dimensions 38"W x 38"D x 38"H
(126cm x 97cm x 97cm)
44"W x 38"D x 46"H
(112cm x 97cm x 117cm)
48"W x 48"D x 48"H
(122cm x 122cm x 122cm)
Temperature Range
Tundra®: -45°C to +190°C (-49°F to +375°F)
Cascade: -73°C to +190° C (-100°F to +375°F)
Humidity Range
10% to 98% RH
Workspace Dimensions
57.5"W x 42"D x 70"H
(152cm x 106cm x 159cm)
Temperature Range
Tundra®: -45°C to +190°C (-49°F to +375°F)
Cascade: -73°C to +190° C (-100°F to +375°F)
Humidity Range
10% to 98% RH
*Larger and smaller sizes available

CSZ also provides a full range of environmental rooms and walk-in chambers for testing solar panels. Walk-in chambers are ideal for testing larger volumes of solar panels along with a variety of different size panels. These chambers may be designed to fit your specific requirements. Dedicated 85°C/85% RH chambers are designed specially for long term damp heat tests.

Modular Walk-In chambers offer flexibility to meet virtually any size or configuration by using pre-fabricated panels. These chambers are offered in temperature ranges from -68°C to 93°C (-90°F to 200°F) and humidity from 10% to 95% RH.

Welded Walk-In chambers provide wider temperature and humidity ranges. These welded walk-in chambers consist of one solid piece, simplifying installation. These chambers are available in temperature ranges from -68°C to 190°C (-90°F to 375°F) and humidity from 10% to 95% RH.

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