Environmental Conditioning Units

Environmental Conditioning units integrate with other products/assemblies for temperature and humidity controlled environment.

Our environmental conditioning units are designed to create temperature and humidity controlled climates inside a digital printing press. This controlled environment was required to maintain consistent conditioning of printing press components in order to achieve high quality printed material.

These conditioning units integrated with a printing press. Warm and contaminated air is drawn into the CSZ unit from the press, particles are filtered and ozone & amine are removed from the air stream. Air is then conditioned to the precise temperature and humidity levels specified in order to achieve the optimum printing quality of the press. Once the air is filtered and conditioned, it is then supplied to the printing press. This unit is operates 24 hours a day in various modes and levels of operation.

Environmental Conditioning Units Quote

CSZ Environmental Conditioning Unit

Special Features
  • Single Stage refrigeration system to maintain a precise temperature
  • Proven humidification system
  • Custom air management to interface with printing press ports
  • Two loop digital controller
  • Notification signal in the event of system error
  • High volume air flow
  • Single pass conditioning of air
  • Refrigeration system was utilized for both heating and cooling processes to achieve desired efficiency

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