New Stock Environmental Chambers

Below is a list of new CSZ environmental chambers available for quick delivery. Contact us to receive a quotation today.

StableClimate® II Reach-In Stability Chambers StableClimate II

New Stability Test Chambers are now available for quick delivery.

Size: 2-Door Chamber- 52 cubic feet (1473 liters)
Model: STH-52-.5-H/AC


Vertical Thermal Shock Chamber StableClimate II

New Vertical Thermal Shock Chamber is now available for quick delivery.

Size: 1 cu. ft. (30L)
Model: VTS-1.0-2-2-H/AC

Cold/Hot Temperature Range: -75°C to +190°C (-103°F to +375°F)
Hot Temperature Range: 70°C to +210°C (+150°F to +410°F)