Z-Plus Temperature & Humidity ChamberZ-Plus Chamber

Please note that this unit is 50Hz

Model: ZPH-8-2-H/AC
Interior Size: 24" x 24" x 24" (61cm x 61cm x 61cm)
Exterior Size: 36" x 57" x 76" (91cm x 145cm x 193cm)

Temperature Range: -34°C to +190°C (-30°F to +375°F)

Humidity Range:10% to 98% RH


Vertical Thermal Shock ChamberVTS Chamber

Used VTS Chamber is now available for quick delivery.
Model: VTS-1-2-2-H/AC
Size: 1 cu.ft.

Temperature Ranges:
Cold/Hot Chamber: -75°C to +190°C
Hot Chamber: 70°C to +210°C


MicroClimate® Benchtop Test ChambersBenchtop Test chamber

New MicroClimate® Benchtop Test Chambers is now available for quick delivery.
50Hz and 60Hz models available

Model: MCBH-1.2-.33-H/AC
Size: 1.2 cubic feet (35 liters)

Temperature Range
Single Stage: -30°C to +190°C (-22°F to +375°F)

Humidity Range
10% to 95% RH


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