ZP Becnthop Chamber Options

Listed below are the options that are available on CSZ Z-Plus test chambers.

Cabinet Options
Additional Chamber PortsSingle Unit steel cart with casters and shelving for test equipment storage.
Additional Chamber PortsStacked Unit steel cart with casters to save valuable floor space.
Additional Chamber Ports Additional circular, square, or rectangular ports are available in a variety of sizes. Ports may be
placed on both sides of the chamber for ease of cable routing.
Cable Notch If routing cables through side ports is not an option for you, a cable notch may be placed in the front of your chamber.
ZP Test Chamber Shelf Additional product shelves are available for each CSZ chamber. Custom shelves and fixtures are also available.
Stainless Steel Exterior If you prefer a chamber with stainless steel exterior, we can include this as an option on any chamber you request.

Humidity Options
Recirculator Water For customers that do not have a deionized water supply, we provide a recirculating water system that collects condensate from the chamber, stores it and then filters it in a reservoir for reuse.
For tests requiring humidity levels below 10% RH, we provide an optional low humidity system for testing down to 5% RH.
Humidity Water Demineralizer Demineralizer removes water impurities and minerals that can harm your test chamber. Cartridges will turn orange-brown when used and are easily replaceable. Additional demineralizer cartridges are available for overnight delivery.
Water Pressure Regulator Water pressure regulator is recommended to regulate incoming water supply to <=25 psig.
Reverse Osmosis Water purification system for use with city / tap water. This option is not needed if chamber has demineralizer filter system.

Instrumentation Options
EZ-View Chamber Software CSZ EZ-View software is available for monitoring and controlling up to 20 chambers from any location.
Chamber Hi-Low Limit Provides essential failsafe over/under (hi/low) temperature protection for your valuable test items.
IEEE Interface A parallel interface can be provided for interface with IEEE-488 parallel instrument control buss. A standard IEEE-488 connector is provided for easy connection to adjacent test equipment. This option cannot be used in conjunction with RS-232/RS-485.
Chart Recorder A selection of one or two pen chart recorders are available with a variety of pre-printed charts or self printing thermal charts.
Run Time Meter The optional run time meter includes a non-resettable display which will accumulate the system running time for routine maintenance and planning purposes.
Main Power Disconnect Provides an additional level of safety by shutting down the main power to the chamber prior to maintenance or repair. Location may vary based on size of disconnect.
Customer Event Option Includes 15 event outputs with connection panel & removable plug connectors. Designed to turn customer’s electronic DUT’s (devices under test) ON or OFF at various stages of the customer programmed test profile. Each output may also be configured to perform other operations including alarm or profile status indicators.
Digital Input Option Includes connection panel and 8 inputs that can be configured to perform various controller functions (i.e. start, hold, resume or terminate a profile, advance steps, control customer event outputs, etc.)

(provides 8 thermocouple / TC inputs through EZT-570i)

EZT Monitor OptionDesigned to consist of eight (8) “T” type thermocouples (TC’s) for temperature readout with individual alarms, displays, and data logging for each input that can be monitored by the EZT-570i and the EZ-View software. The “black-box” unit itself will be mounted to the side or rear of the unit and the eight TC’s will pass through one of the existing side ports. These are TC’s only (no RH sensors or PT100-RTD’s) and are used for product temperature monitoring or temperature uniformity check within the chamber. (For monitoring only, no control.)
Watlow F4 Controller CSZ F4 Programmable Controller with Product Monitor, redundant high/low limit and EIA 232/485 Computer Interface. Replaces EZT-570i and mounts on a special fixture below the door.

Performance & Refrigeration Options
LN2 Boost Option Boost cooling is available for applications that require a fast pulldown rate. An LN2 supply tank is required with a pressure of 25 psi (172 kpa).
Dry Air Purge A dry air purge system can be provided to reduce condensation within the chamber and on the test item during temperature cycling testing. This option is primarily used to prevent short circuits in electronic components and is also used for low humidity requirements.