Solar Panel Test Chambers Provide Up To 65% Energy Savings

Using the patented CSZ Tundra® refrigeration system provides the ability to test product down to -45°C (-45°F) with a load and a single compressor where traditional test chambers for solar panel testing require a cascade refrigeration system. Documented energy savings of 47-66% were obtained by following the test specifications below with CSZ test chambers and a Fluke power monitoring system.

Energy Savings

Test Spec Energy Savings No. of Cycles
No. of Days
Cost Savings

Temperature Cycling Test

IEC 61646
50 or 200 cycles
6 or 25 days*
Up to $14.80 per day
IEC 61245

Humidity Freeze Test

IEC 61646
10 cycles
10 days
Up to $11.64 per day
IEC 61245
Up to $9.92 per day
*Time based upon a chamber that meets max ramp rate requirements. Data compares the energy savings of operating at 15HP cascade compared to a 10HP Tundra in an empty chamber. Cost savings calculations based upon 13 cents per Kwh.

A total of $560 - $860 dollars can be saved completing each of the above tests in a CSZ chamber with Tundra system.