EZT-570i Touch Screen Controller

Connecting your Test World

Our EZT-570i controller offers a 7” (18 mm) touch screen 10” (25 mm) optional) and the latest in test chamber programming. Flexible configurations along with a full range of user-friendly features combine to simplify programming and save valuable time for greater return on your investment. Intuitive controller includes built-in data security & safeties to protect your chamber and product under test.

Controller upgrades and retrofits are also available to update your existing environmental chambers with the latest technology.

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  • Communications & Connectivity
  • Data Logging
  • User Convenience & Flexibility
  • Enhanced Functionality
  • Downloads

EZT-570i Remote Control
  • Ethernet capability to remotely monitor and control multiple test chambers. Wired, wireless, local area network or World Wide Web Ethernet connectivity provides anytime, anywhere access. Three options to remotely control & monitor your chambers.
    1. Use a web browser and type in a web address to monitor your chamber from any computer or wireless PDA device.
    2. Use Ethernet to monitor and control from your computer or wireless PDA device (i.e. i-pad, i-touch, etc.).
    3. Use CSZ optional EZ-View software to monitor & control multiple CSZ chambers and download profiles.
  • Automated FTP back-up of data files to server provides “hassle free” file management.
  • Alarm notification system sends email and/or text phone messages in the event of a chamber alarm, saving valuable tests while reducing downtime.
  • Email alarm and audit trail files directly from controller.

EZT-570i Trend Graph
  • Easily download profiles, alarm files, audit trail files and data files to a USB compatible memory stick in a compatible .CSV file format. Also import profiles to other chambers saving valuable profile entry time.
  • Access data files directly from controller or PC.
  • Digital Signatures to guarantee data integrity & traceability for tamper-proof data & audit trail files.
  • Unlimited operator events/comments may be added to a data file.
  • Customize files names & ability to include batch & lot numbers in data file.
  • Real time & historical trend graphs with the drag-n-zoom feature provide the ability to touch and zoom into specific areas of the graph with the ability to print graphs directly to a printer.

EZT-570i File Utilities Screen
  • High resolution, Windows CE 7” operator interface with an option for a 10” screen.
  • Unlimited profiles with up to 99 steps each.
  • Profile status view provides details on the profile with stop date/time.
  • Profile autostart allows profiles to begin at a date, day and time.
  • Plot profile screen provides an at-a-glance view of current profile. Loop trends screen shows a real time graph showing progress of running profile.
  • Help menu provides text and voice assistance in multiple languages (English, Spanish, French or Chinese).

EZT-570i Security Screen
  • Adapt-a-tune technology provides the ultimate in chamber performance and control stability.
  • Product control feature accelerates temperature cycling of the device under test.
  • Product high/low limit protects product.
  • Full system security allows up to 30 different users with three different levels of security
  • Selectable power failure/recovery functionality.