Low Temperature Freezer Options

Listed below are the options that are available on T -Series freezers.

Cabinet Options
Additional Chamber Ports Access ports with plus are available in 3”, 4”, or 6” (8, 10 15 or cm) diameters.
Provides additional airflow to enhance the heat removal emitted by customer’s product. Standard on T-Series product line.

Performance & Refrigeration Options
LN2 Boost Cooling Boost cooling is available for applications that require a fast pulldown rate.
The options is for cooling loads from -85°C/-120°F to -184°C/-300°F

Instrumentation Options
Soak timer with Audible/Visual Alarms, Oil Tight Switch and Light. The timer is activated when chamber air temperature achieves setpoint.
Chart RecorderA selection of one or two pen chart recorders are available with a variety of pre-printed charts or self printing thermal charts.
Run Time MeterThe optional run time meter includes a non-resettable display which will accumulate the system running time for routine maintenance and planning purposes
Main Power Disconnect Provides an additional level of safety by shutting down the main power to the chamber prior to maintenance or repair.