Light Duty Freezers

Industrial freezers for light duty applications

The V-Series light-duty freezer is made to handle light duty storage and are primarily used as storage freezers in areas where laboratory freezers aren't adequate. The unit provides fast and efficient cooling and easy mobility to ensure convenient use. The V-Series Chamber offers economical chilling capability for smaller users where light duty storage or laboratory freezers won't do the job.

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Features & Benefits
  • Heavy duty, built-to-last construction for long life
  • Trouble-free operation saves maintenance costs
  • Casters for easy mobility
  • Thick foam insulation for continuous operation and reduced operating costs
  • Gas spring or pneumatic easy-to-open lids
  • Fast and efficient cooling with zero ozone depletion refrigerants

Freezer Specifications
Sizes 6-11 cu.ft. (170L to 310L)
Custom Sizes Available
Temperature Ranges Standard: -40°C to -84°C (-40°F to -120°F)
Liquid Nitrogen Cooling: -40°C to -184°C (-40°F to -300°F)
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