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Cincinnati Sub-Zero Celebrating 75 Years

Cincinnati Sub-Zero Celebrating 75 Years

Cincinnati Sub-Zero’s (CSZ) is celebrating their 75th Anniversary of providing temperature management solutions to a variety of industries. The company, which has been owned by the same family since its start in 1940 looks to the past with pride and to the future with excitement to serving customers with quality products and solutions that meet and exceed all of their customers’ needs.

Cincinnati Sub-Zero (CSZ) was founded in 1940 by Robert Jacobson, the great uncle of current CEO & President Steven Berke, as a distributor of the first practical freezer for food storage. Since then, the family business evolved from manufacturing industrial freezers for the metal working industry to supplying a full range of environmental test chambers for the industrial division which began in 1949. In seventy-five years of business CSZ chambers have been used for testing products for over 21 different industries helping make products safe, reliable and more robust.

CSZ’s business expanded its temperature controlled technology to the medical industry in 1960’s by introducing the medical division which provided hypo-hyperthermia systems for patient temperature control. Today, the division provides a full product line of patient temperature management products for various applications used to prevent permanent brain damage in patients who have suffered cardiac arrest, stroke or babies who are oxygen deprived during delivery.

In 1988, as the need for environmental testing grew, the Testing Division was formed out of a natural extension of the industrial division. By utilizing the chambers they were manufacturing in a contract test lab, CSZ was then able to provide testing services to its customers. Today, the testing lab serves its customers from two locations in Cincinnati, Ohio and Sterling Heights, Michigan.

Cincinnati Sub-Zero has seen many changes in its 75 years including moving facilities six times and constantly changing to adapt its products to the market. One thing has stayed the same, the family atmosphere.  The company employs over 300 employees many of whom have worked for the company for decade. In fact, many employees have first, second, and third generation family members working there as well.

“Our employees are the key to our success,” says Steven J. Berke, the company President and CEO. “They understand and are dedicated to CSZ’s commitment to quality.  As a company, we continually strive to maintain our reputation as a quality provider of temperature-controlled products and solutions by committing ourselves to customer satisfaction from first point of contact to after-sales support.”