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Revolutionary Tundra® Technology Saves Energy

  • 9/17/2009 12:49:00 PM
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Revolutionary Tundra® Technology Saves Energy

Testing your product down to -40°C or -54°C?
Use CSZ chambers to test your product and save. CSZ environmental chambers with the pateted Tundra refrigeration system can efficiently test product down to the ultimate low temperature of -45°C and -54°C. A test chamber cascade refrigeration system is no longer required for customers to test their product at this temperature.  Why is this important?  This unique system is less expensive, offers greater capacity, and reduces operating cost up to 40% as compared to the equivalent cascade system. Since the Tundra is a single-stage refrigeration system, it is provides energy savings, more reliable and easier to service - therefore lowering your costs overall.

The Tundra and Tundra II refrigeration systems can be incorporated into to any CSZ environmental test chamber.

These state-of-the-art environmental chambers are designed for increased performance, energy efficiency, ease of service, reduced utility and maintenance costs.  Documented energy savings of 47-66% are obtained by using CSZ’s proven & patented Tundr system.

  • Increased Performance Capacity - The system offers even greater capacity with rapid temperature change rates and excellent live load ability at warmer temperatures.
  • Energy Savings & Efficiency - Consumes 30 to 40% less energy, saving operating costs, than the equivalent cascade system.
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs – Maintenance costs will also be lower by using only one compressor with fewer parts compared to chambers with cascade refrigeration systems.
  • Quiet Operation – Much quieter than the equivalent cascade system.