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CSZ Test Chambers Featured in CNN Money Report

Watch this CNN Money Report about the GM Battery Test Lab, which is equipped with CSZ Environmental Test Chambers. The facility tests battery packs, energy cells and modules for GM vehicles, including the Chevy Volt.

CSZ, the main supplier of environmental test chambers for General Motors, has sold a variety of chambers to GM, including modular walk in chambers, welded walk-in chambers and  temperature/humidity cycling chambers for hot and cold temperature & humidity testing. A significant amount of testing is being applied to the lithium ion battery pack for their new electric Chevrolet Volt which that was launched November 2010. The walk-in chambers can hold up to four Volt battery packs at time and the smaller test chambers can hold 2 battery packs. Using environmental chambers helps significantly reduce their testing time. 

CSZ continues to help our customers create a cleaner environment & develop alternative energy saving products by providing environmental chambers for R&D & reliability testing.