Wire Bend Tester

Many companies who manufacture wire, cable and even high-pressure hydraulic hoses test their product in cold temperature conditions.

In the CSZ wire test chamber, the wire coatings and hoses are both physically and thermally stressed by sub-zero exposure and bended at various radiuses. There are many in-house test standards and pre-published standards such as UL-1581-580, ANSI/SC TE 09-2001, and ASTM-D-4565 that require this type of test.

This CSZ chamber is designed for this type of cold bend test. Each chamber is designed to meet the customer’s size and temperature requirements. Chambers feature power-driven mandrels that are typically mounted at the top and bottom of the chamber for the wire to wrap and bend around. Mandrel diameters are selected by the customer and supplied in a variety of sizes.

Wire Bend Tester Quote

Temperatures range from -80°C to +85°C (-112°F to +185°F).

CSZ Wire Test Chambers

Chamber Features
  • Full size access door
  • Window & light
  • Ports
  • Programmable controller
  • Automated power drive set with speed control
  • Forward/reverse switch

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