Tensile Test Chamber

CSZ’s Tensile Test Chamber is an environmental chamber that interfaces with a customer tensile tester load frame. This chamber is required to expose various materials and components to temperature conditions while undergoing tensile test. Tensile testing stresses materials by pushing, pulling, twisting, or bending intended for static and fatigue testing.

Chambers are designed to accommodate the internal and external size restrictions to properly interface with the load frame along with custom-sized ports at the top and bottom of the environmental chamber for the actuator piston to penetrate through. These chambers are built for easy removal from the load frame.

Tensile Test Chamber Quote

Temperature Range:   -34°C to +100°C (-29°F to +212°F)
                                         -70°C to +100°C (-94°F to +212°F)

CSZ Tensile Test Chambers

Special Features
  • Chamber is designed to minimize the amount of electrical and mechanical components on the top and the bottom of the chamber.
  • Two door handles are installed to allow for easy removal of the door.
  • An insulated split circular port was used in the top and bottom of the chamber to interface with the user’s load frame and actuator.
  • Eyebolts are included to facilitate removal of the chamber from the load frame.

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