CSZ is proud to service customers with temperature regulation and therapy products as well as controlled testing chambers for purchase and for use at our CSZ Testing Services, on-site testing laboratory.

To explore the complete line of products from any of or three divisions, please visit the link that best describes your needs.

CSZ Medical Division
CSZ Medical Division CSZ Medical Division, a market leader and innovator since 1963, offers a Total Systems approach to Patient Temperature Management. Products address core body temperature regulation, cardiovascular/blood cooling and heating, along with localized cold therapy and heat therapy products.

CSZ Test Laboratory
CSZ Test LaboratoryCSZ Testing Services is an A2LA Accredited test laboratory providing a wide range of testing services. We specialize in temperature cycling, humidity, dynamic vibration, environmental and shock test services. These tests are specially suited for design verification testing, product performance testing, failure analysis, life testing, and environmental stress screening.