CSZ Testing Customer Survey (Form#019, Exhibit S)

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* 1.  Please rate the Timeliness of our Quoting Process:

* 2.  Please rate the Quality of the Testing Services we performed:

* 3.  Please rate the Timeliness of our Test Report(s):

* 4.  Please rate the Quality and Accuracy of the Test Report(s) you received:

* 5.  Please rate the Timeliness of our Staff in repsonding to your inquiries:

* 6.  Please rate the Knowledge of our Staff in responding to your inquiries:

* 7.  Please select the Top Three Factors when making decisions for Outside Testing Services:
Timeliness of Test Reports
Quality of Test Reports
Reliability-Able to Meet Commitments (deadlines, etc.)
Knowledge of Staff
Flexibility in Scheduling Testing-Quick Response
Variety of Testing Services Offered-Lab Capabilities

8.  Please rate any Other Decision Factors not listed above:

9.  What other Products or Services should CSZ Testing consider offering?

10.  Why did you select CSZ Testing as your Testing Service provider?

11.  Additional Comments:

* 12.  Please provide full contact details.

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